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Vanessa DunLeavy




I am Vanessa Dunleavy, a yoga, movement and meditation teacher with 15 years of experience. I approach yoga the same way I approach life: with a joyful, childlike enthusiasm.  I share my love of the practice with students of all ages and experience levels, and I honor my creative impulses to weave in a sense of play into every class. 


I found yoga while working as a professional singer-dancer in New York City.  My yoga practice started as a way for me to take care of my body, but it has become the way I take care of my soul.  Finding connection to my body through Asana practice served as the entry point for me; it brought me to a deeper understanding of who I am, how I want to show up in this world, and how I take care of myself and others.


I believe that through mindfulness, breath work and self inquiry, we can start to recognize the harmful patterns in our lives and learn how to heal ourselves: body, mind and spirit.  


As a teacher, my goal is to help students translate what they learn on the mat, into their everyday lives.  Yoga is practiced in our kitchens.  At our desks.  Through our relationships.  It is present in our challenges, and our triumphs. When we can bring our Yoga into our lives in a tangible way, we can heal. 





Power Yoga, South Slope Crunch, 555 5th Ave, BK 10:30 AM


hOM Yoga, 20 Exchange St, NYC, 7:00 AM

hOM Core, 461 Dean St, BK, 7:00 PM


hOM Yoga, One Liberty Plaza, NYC, 5:30 PM

hOM Yoga, "Ava DoBro"  100 Willoughby St, BK, 7:30 PM


Power Yoga, Clay Health Club and Spa, 25 W 14th st NYC, 10:00 AM

hOM Yoga & Meditation, One Liberty Plaza, NYC, 12:00-12:40

hOM Yoga, 461 Dean St, BK, 8:00 PM


hOM Yoga, 461 Dean St, BK, 9:45 AM

hOM Core, 80 Dekalb St, BK 11:15 AM





(Live)music, movement and Meditation

Rooftop, Clay Spa:

First Monday of every month this summer (June-September, 2018) join Vanessa for an evening of Live Music, Movement and Meditation at Clay Health Club and Spa's beautiful rooftop.  Dharma talk by Casey Renee Rogers, of "Health on the Rocks." 

Tucker Worley: drums

Jeff Washburn: Guitar and Vocals

Vanessa Dunleavy: "Savasana Vocals"


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